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Application Review

Thank you for you interest in becoming an Alice Peterson Authorized Retailer. We are reviewing your application and will contact you shortly regarding the next step. If you have any questions in the interim, or would like to update your information, please contact us.
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Hand-Painted Original Canvases

We are excited to introduce our new hand-painted designs for 2011. We have several new floral, scenes, and children pieces we can’t wait for you to see. Our new designs are beautiful and unique. We know you can find something fun to stitch!

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Stitch & Zip Needlepoint Kits

Alice Peterson Company can’t wait for you to see our new Stitch & Zip Preassembled Needlepoint kits for 2011. We have many new eyeglass cases, coin purses, cosmetic bags, and also some new fun e-book cases and our newest addition our I-Pad cases.

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Hand-Painted Christmas Canvases

New for 2011, we have expanded our existing Christmas Ornament line by adding many new Christmas Stockings in a variety of designs; from traditional to modern. We are sure there is something for everyone in your family to enjoy.

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