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Alice Peterson is the Exclusive Distributor of Gayla Elliott Designs

The “Stitching Girl” Series

Introduced in 2021, The “Stitching Girl” Series of designs by Gayla Elliott has been wildly popular. Each scene in the series represents a stage of life, occupation or activitiy anyone can relate to! PLUS, the designs are stunning!

Pictured: Stitched version of GEP307 – Stitching Girl Laundry

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Thanks for visiting our website! While navigating through the pages of our beautiful needlepoint designs, we encourage you to open your minds to the amazing needlepoint projects that can be created with our products.

Alice Peterson Company was founded in 1974 and is now owned by Cathy Rapoza, a 35-year member of the needlepoint industry. Cathy proudly continues the legacy of her company by embracing the ever-evolving design trends within our industry, and continues to provide new and exciting products.

Our needlepoint line has many styles of products for every age and skill level. At Alice Peterson Company, we stand behind the quality of our products 100% – No questions asked.

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